About Me

I am an educator who has a serious book addiction!  I love to curl up on the couch with a good book and escape into another world.  I grew up with a father and a brother who put “The Lord of the Rings” in my hands as soon as I could read it, so fantasy is in my blood.  Which is probably why I like the fantasy genres the most, I live in this world everyday, I want my books to take me somewhere else.  Tolkien says it better than me though,

“Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate
And though I oft have passed them by
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun.”

— J.R.R. Tolkien

I have a wonderful husband who is not a reader, but I am constantly trying to find books to suck him into my addiction.  Every now and then I find one that he loves, but I am the reader between the two of us.  Which works out well, because while he watches sports on T.V. I escape into a book! When I am not reading, I love photography, playing with my kiddos, watching movies, and seeing as many Broadway plays/musicals that I can!

I love to hear from people so you can email me at:  abookwormshaven (at) gmail (dot) com or visit my contact page

11 responses to “About Me

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging (The Book Lady sent me!!). Hope you get as addicted to it as all of us🙂

  2. Blogging is so much fun! Welcome! I’m excited to see what you read. I do book reviews as well so check out my site if you like. P.S. The Book Lady sent me.

  3. The Book Lady did not send me…but as I read her twitter feed I came on my own violition. Welcome to the twitter/website world of book reviews. Love your site and your book tastes. All the best to you!

  4. Found you🙂 I’m totally looking into starting this shindig too. Now to just come up with a name…

  5. What a treasure this site is Meaghan! I’m so happy to have stumbled across it. Happy blogging, I’ll be following. : )

    ~ Elise

  6. I am so glad I found this review website because you have read all the books I have, and some I haven’t. You have gave me a good list on what to read next with your reviews so THANK YOU!🙂

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