Book Review of Forbidden Embers by Tessa Adams

Title:  Forbidden Embers

Author:  Tessa Adams

Release Date:  October 4th, 2011

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

The Dragonstar clan is under attack, endangered by an insidious enemy. Now a top sentry must go undercover, but the task will be more than he bargained for…

Desperate to save his clan from deadly biological warfare, Dragonstar sentry Logan Kelly must infiltrate the Wyvermoon clan—and put an end to the war. Posing as a rogue dragon without a clan, Logan quickly realizes how close the Wyvermoons are to anarchy since the death of their leader. Their ranks are thin, and their only hope lies in Cecily Fournier, the princess whose grasp on the throne is shaky at best. All he has to do is stick around long enough to see his enemies fail.

The plan is foolproof. Until he falls for Cecily.

What starts as an uneasy alliance turns into an uncontrollable passion. As the spark between them gets hotter, Logan discovers the Wyvermoon’s hidden agenda. But how can he bring down the Wyvermoons without exposing himself as a traitor to the woman he loves?

Summary from Author Website

My Review:  I fell in love with this world with the first book, Dark Embers (review here) and liked the second book Hidden Embers (review here), but I l-o-v-e-d Forbidden Embers.  Tessa has made a lifelong fan out of me with this book and there is no way I will ever get enough of the dragons she has created!

When we last left the Dragonstar clan was in the middle of biological warfare with the Wyvermoon clan and out for blood.  Wyvermoon has manufactured a violent virus that kills dragons, with a survival rate of zero and no cure in sight.  Logan has volunteered to go behind enemy lines and take down the lab where the virus is harvested and find out who is to blame for its creation.  He goes in with a single purpose, revenge.  He is not going to let anything get in his way and is willing to use anyone to avenge his fallen clan mates.  His plan seems to be going well, until he meets Cecily.  Cecily is the princess in the Wyvermoon clan and hast been locked away most of her life.  She loved her father and brother and was heartbroken when they died, but the more she learns about them, the more she questions who they really were.  She wants to take her place as the queen of her clan, but the men who served her father all doubt her ability to rule, especially because she is a woman.  She knows she can help turn things around for Wyvermoon, but no one seems to want to give her a chance.  She is frustrated and angry when she stumbles upon Logan on the outskirts of her land.  And that is where the fun begins.

One of the apprehensions I had going into this book was the lack of the Dragonstar environment.  I thought not being with the characters I have come to love was going to impact the story, but I was happy to be proven wrong.  Logan proved to be more than enough representation for the Dragonstar clan.  Tessa also gives us a great character with Cecily and the chemistry the two of them had together more than made up for past characters absences.  It was also interesting to see what has been going on in the Wyvermoon clan all this time.  The expression “appearances can be deceiving” is the first thing that came to my mind as the lives of this enemy clan come into the light.  Not everything is as it seems and as Logan comes to this realization his heartstrings begin to tug at him and his guilt rises.  He did not expect to feel anything for Cecily and when he does, it throws a serious wrench in his plans.

While we are on the subject, the romance in this book was ridiculous!  I immediately connected with both Logan and Cecily and soaked in every moment they had together.  It started out hot and wild, but quickly turned so sweet.  It was easy to root for them and dread the moment when Cecily discovered the truth about Logan.  The feelings they have for each other ooze off the page and they became my favorite couple of this series.  I knew little about each of them going in, but they both worked their way into my heart and I hope we will get to check up on them from time to time in the future.

One of the best parts of this book was the last one hundred pages that flew by!  Everything was happening so fast and the heartache Cecily felt when she discovered Logan’s identity was nothing short of crushing.  I was holding my breath to see how all the events turned out, and even though I had my suspicions, there were still a couple of things I did not see coming.  I am not sure how all the decisions made in this book are going to affect the lives of everyone in the future, but I am eager to find out.

Overall, Forbidden Embers was absolutely fantastic and has sealed my love of this series.  Tessa has not put another book in this series up on her website, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have not seen the end of this world.  Hot dragons, scorching romance and a thrilling plot line, not sure what else you could possible want.  So, what are you waiting for?  If you have not read this series you need to remedy that situation immediately!

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  1. So…I didn’t read the actual review because I haven’t read the first two yet (hadn’t heard of these until I saw your review), but what you’re telling me is that I need to add this series to my Mt. TBR list, right? LOL! I’ll have to check out your review on the first book :-)

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