Book Review of Devil Without a Cause by Terri Garey

Title:  Devil Without a Cause

Author: Terri Garey

Release Date:  May 31st, 2011

Genre:  Adult Paranormal Romance

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop

Temptation and seduction are the tricks of the Devil’s trade, and when offered the chance to regain his wings by playing guardian angel, he’s hell-bent on doing things his way . . .

Faith McFarland is in need of a miracle. So desperate to save her sick child, she’s willing to make a deal with the Devil: steal a ring worn by Finn Payne, the bad-boy rockstar who long ago sold his soul for rock ‘n roll. Temptation and seduction become necessary evils, yet Faith’s salvation means Finn’s damnation . . . because the ring is all that stands between him and Hell. Falling in love was never part of the bargain, but now that they’ve tasted heaven in each other’s arms, can they convince the Devil to give up his due?

Summary from

My Review:  I had this book on my radar for a little while, but the final push for me was seeing Jeaniene Frost recommended it.  I love her Night Huntress series and was hoping her book recommendations were going to be as good as her books.  Fingers crossed I downloaded the book to my Kindle and started reading.

I am glad I listened to Jeaniene’s advice because Devil Without a Cause did not disappoint.  Much of the story does focus on Finn and Faith and the struggles they are enduring but, the Devil, aka Sammy, also plays a major role in the book.  I am used to rooting against the villain and wishing harm would come to him, but I could not muster that kind of hatred for Sammy.   He has been brought up before in Terri’s Nicki Styx books, but since I have not read those yet, I was not familiar with him.  Having not read the other books though, I did not feel lost during this story.  I am interested to go back and read the Nicki Styx books now, but I read Devil Without a cause without a problem.   As for the Devil himself, he is a clever, lying, cheating, pretty much all around evil guy, but for some reason I still loved him.  I know, I know, he is the devil, but he was so funny, I could not help but look forward to his dialogue in the story.  Terri puts a whole new spin on his reasons for being cast out of Heaven and I found it all fascinating.  I am hoping this is going to turn into a series and we will see more from Sammy.

As for Finn and Faith, I did like the two of them and they had good chemistry.  It was interesting to see them try to come together and solve both of their problems at once by getting out of a deal with the devil.  Faith also had a son come into the mix and I will admit that I don’t always like seeing children come into play in books.   They tend to just slow down the pace and I am not a fan of that.  However, Faith’s son, Nathan, only enhanced the story.  He was a burst a sunshine and happiness and helped to bring Finn and Faith together.  They are both so busy trying to save their souls, they don’t take the time to understand how precious love can be, Nathan was eager to remind them of that.

My only complaint for this book was the ending.  It just felt a little abrupt.  I felt the story was still at the tip of the climax and we did not get a real resolution.  The story does not have a cliffhanger, but I wanted one more chapter or an epilogue just to tie everything up.

Overall though, I really enjoyed this book and the new world that Terri has introduced us too.  I am keeping fingers crossed that this will turn into a series and we will get to see more from Sammy and whatever poor souls he manages to convince to enter a bargain with him.

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