Book Review of Pride by Rachel Vincent

Title: Pride

Author: Rachel Vincent

*If you have not read Stray or Rogue this will contain spoilers*

Goodreads Synopsis: “I’m on trial for my life. Falsely accused of infecting my human ex-boyfriend—and killing him to cover up the crime. Infecting a human is one of three capital offenses recognized by the Pride—along with murder and disclosure of our existence to a human.

I’m two for three. A goner.

Now we’ve discovered a rogue stray terrorizing the mountainside, hunting a wild teenage tabbycat. It’s up to us to find and stop him before a human discovers us. With my lover Marc’s help, I think I can protect the vulnerable girl from both the ambitious rogue and the scheming of the territorial council.

If I survive my own trial…”

My Review: Alright, I have been going through these books a little too quickly.  They are just so fast paced, I cannot put them down!  The only downside to this book was that I feel like the beginning and the end had a lot of action and kept me reading on, but the middle was a little slow.  I think I am also disheartened by the whole Faith & Marc relationship, I just wish those two could work it out, but I am afraid their timing is just so terrible.  Marc has been nothing but honorable and he keeps getting the short end of the stick, I just feel sorry for the guy.  And the new bad guy, I already hate him, Calvin Malone, and I think this is just the beginning of his malice behavior so I would like to see who gets the pleasure of getting rid of that guy, well hopefully someone will.  I am completely in Faythe’s corner, she is so stubborn and doesn’t know when to be quiet, but I love her!!  I cannot wait to start reading Prey and see what Faythe does next!

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